Working Visa and Other Immigration Related Services

TOP JUAN CONSULTING extends our warmest greetings and presents our portfolio.
All foreign employees are required to secure necessary visa before commencement of work.
In line with this, we formally propose our working visa and other immigration related services
for the (Name of the operator’s company). Our services include the following:
1. 9G (Pre-arranged Employment Visa with Alien Employment Permit) We handle
documentation and processing of your employees’ visa with the Philippine BI and with the
DOLE if your employees work with you for more than six (6) months. Visa validity depends on
your business needs. It can range from one to three years.
2. Special Work Permit – Commercial (SWP) This is issued to foreign nationals who comes to
the Philippines for employment in a short or temporary period. We process all documentation
for you. Initial validity of Special Work Permit is three (3) months and be extended for another
three (3) months.
3. Provisional Work Permit (PWP). This visa will be issued to foreign national whose application
for pre-arranged employee visa (9G) is in process. Since the 9G visa cannot be processed without
an Alien Employment Permit issued by the Department of Labor and Employment. We will do
all the documentation and processing for you.
4. Extensions of your Temporary Visitor’s Visa (9A). We provide services for the extension of
your temporary visitor’s visa. This is for those who are employed here for a short period and
for tourists who would like to extend their stay in the Philippines to explore more of what the
Philippines can offer.
5. Non-quota immigrant Visa by marriage (13A). We also process the visa for those who marry
6. Downgrading of Visa
7. Other Immigration Matters (Certification for the not the same Person, Lifting of Blacklist,
Motion for Reconsideration on Updating and Extension of Authorized Stay, Exit Clearance
Certificate, Others special cases)
8. VIP escort in the airport to avoid waiting time and hassle.
Certification for Not The Same Person
• Lifting of Blacklist
• Motion for Reconsideration on Updating and Extension of Authorized Stay
• Exit Clearance Certificate
• Overdue Detention
• Special Cases